I feel 2018 was such a long year. There were lots of changes, and many important decisions were made within my family.


My 2018 started with a preparation holiday for mock exams. Since 2018 began, I studied a lot and took several papers in January. They were not easy, but I satisfied with the result. After April, my grade was allowed to study by ourselves, without coming to school. However, I came to my school everyday until the last paper. Sometimes, I studied with my friends, but I mostly studied alone or with my teachers. Then in July, I could finally finish this big examination. I spent 2 years to get ready for it, and it was my first time to do this kind of examination. Although the results were not very fantastic, I felt this was a great experience for my whole life.


As the end of this examination, I changed my school again. I stayed in this school for 3 years and half, that is the longest time that I stayed in a same school, in my life. I love this school, and I could have massive memories. However, changing school is the only option for me to come back to Japan in the near future. My current school is a college, and everyone here is independent. Most students in my college stay alone, and do everything by themselves. This is quite surprising for me. Thus, I am now trying to be independent, and I am looking forward to be like them.


By the head of this month, I could 3 courses that I took in this half a year so that I will complete the other 3 courses by June 2019. After that, I can finally come back to Japan. Even though I love the life in this country, I also want to live in Japan as it is my home country. To be a real cosmopolitan, I believe it is significant to know about one's home country. Right now, I do not know about Japan well, even I am a Japanese. Therefore, I am looking forward to learn about Japan by living there.


As I need to be independent after March 2019, the aim for next year is to learn how to cook. Of course, I need to get into the university which I really want to go, but in addition to that, I should be able to feed myself until I come back to Japan.


2018 was a great year for NEWS, too. As it was the 15th anniversary year for them, I could see them for many occasions via television. The greatest thing that NEWS did in 2018 was that they released 3 singles within a year and held many lives. Although I could not be able to join their lives again, I could buy all 3 singles. I decided not to buy a single 1 or 2 years ago, but hmm I forgot why, so I don't care now!!!!


Hopefully 2019 will be a great year for me, my family, and my favourite people in the world. Goodbye 2018, and hello 2019.