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The End of College Life.

Today was the graduation day of my college.

The lessons actually done on 27th of May, but I decided to write this today. Cuz today is the actual day of the end.


The college was very short. Of course, as it was a year programme, it is natural to feel short. However, I still feel it was very quick. This may be because the programme is only two terms, and each term only has 3 subjects. Also, the timetable is same everyday. I met the same teacher, same classmates, and same subjects at the same time everyday for a half of the year, and it is ×2.


As my college is big, there are many unique people. It was quite fun to walk around the campus and find weird people. Also, the facilities of my campus are great. For instance, the library has 3 levels with worth spaces. Compared to my old secondary school, it is huge.


Moreover, I was quite young, compared to others. The average age of my class was 19, but I entered the college at 16. Everyone was adults. Many friends live alone, drive themselves, and some of them smoke. Wow. I was so childish hehe. Thus, it was interesting to get close to them.


In some classes, there are Japanese students. As my old school does not have many Japanese students, I was quite surprised at first. Although I wanted to be closer to them, I could not. hahaha. They are older than me, and they came here to study English, not like me. Therefore, I could not get close to them. BUT THAT'S OKAY. I DON'T JUDGE PPL BASED ON NATIONALITY.


Anyway, the life in my college was quite fun. I do not cry, and I do not feel this school is nostalgic. BUT, I am glad being there today.


After this, I'll go back to Japan, and I need to get ready to apply for Japanese universities soon. The life in Japan will be harder, and I have many things to learn there.



(I loved and enjoyed wearing gown & motor board♡)